Thank you to every explorer, racer, country kid and bike rider that made it to the Beverley Heroic.

Maybe you were one of 3500 people to visit the Beverley Heroic in the last 7 years. You might have ridden its wide streets, seen the Art Deco town hall or woke up to the bird song.

If you enjoyed the Beverley Heroic, please treasure those moments.

I am sorry to inform you that the 2020 Beverley Heroic was the last.


Our Sunday rides cannot run with Traffic management costs lifting the entry price too high. Sunday riders and grants funded the weekends support to all events. Without that support the Race, CX, camping and Retro Bike show are a financial risk to their organisers.

What next?

Beverley and the Avon Valley are perfect for riding. Quiet roads, friendly people and a strong sense of history make it an exciting adventure for your exploring spirit.

Go on Be very Beverley!

Toby Hodgson.

Beverley Heroic, Event Director

In Australia there was a bicycle race that ran from 1897 to 1999. It was hard racing in the days of gravel tracks, and thought to be the toughest race in Australia. It started in Beverley. We celebrated that race with a bike weekend.

The Rover Road Race of 1897 was the brainchild of Percy Armstrong, noted rider and entrepreneurial owner of the Rover Cycling Agency. The gruelling event of 116 miles over rough turn of the century roads proved popular and was later re-named The Beverley to Perth Race - or simply the “Beverley”.

— Rob Frith, WA Historic Cycle Club