“Everyone was so friendly.”

One of of the ’16 Heroic told me that and I am so pleased.

The event vison is: “A recreational bike event for all bikes and especially old style bikes that presents a challenge to be repeated annually, encourages preservation of heritage, fosters friendship and leaves a sense of achievement.”

We certainly have a great bike event when we live up to that vision. We grew since last year with a Race on the program, we grew with our participation level and we grew because of everyone involved.

Our Town ride was a hit with riders from Mount Hawthorn to York and Boddington turning up.

We had 500 people across the weekend visiting Beverley – that is huge !

As new groups become involved the event develops.

South Perth Race Committee put on a fabulous race bringing back “the Beverley” that is uniquely West Australian. Congratulations to all riders with a challenging course on the worst of Spring weather. A world Champion and Tour De France Rider – Cameron Meyer winning. Wow!

Audax the long distance Ride specialist were a big help over the weekend. I hope you look them up for a longer ride and the world wide organization they support. Maybe you could do the Perth to Albany or the Paris- Brest- Brest ride in the future.

Many names and face need thanking. Thank you.

To all my old friends and new friends, I hope to see you in 2017 when the weather might be something else but I know you will be there

Kind regards.

Toby Hodgson,

Event Director



"Spirit not speed" Awards:


The Heroine- A Fong Lim.

Nominated by riders for offering her bike helmet to a complete stranger and losing her chance to ride the Beverley Heroic Town Ride.

The Most Heroic Rider- F Watts

Well dressed in vintage Blue and White Wool Jersey, cycling cap and 1974 Colnago Super. Great pairing and fashionable.


The Most Heroic Hair- K Angel

Grown since the beginning of time Kristan's hair matched his generous spirit . He graciously bowed out of the Most Heroc Bike awards this year aftre last years 3rd place. BUt dont worry he had the Stache we all envy.


The Most Heroic Act- Nick Orloff

Riding the 100 milers and finishing in good time. The heading bvack out to push his mate home on the 50 miler - despite the possible extra 60 mile extra round trip. 


The Most Heroic Bike

1st R Barnes

1930s track bike- a shed find with cotter pins, inch pitch chain. (Great goggle and tyre action for a true period recreation)

2nd. O Wachla

1940 Path Racer with upgrade and a great Ned Kelly to match.


3rd M Brinkworth

1937 Malvern star 2star  single speed (coaster Brake) Original paint and decals.100 miler- that is Heroic !


Links to  Photos and more


Event and Riders photos  at our 2016 Beverley Heroic Album facebook link here


Hero points - read about the bicycles that carried these Heroic over rough miles.

Photos from all riders welcome,  please submit to jedi at mrvesparazzi.com