Huzzah - the 2017 Heroic !


Amazing weather- sunshine, misty morning, balmy evening. Magic!

This year we grew, added in Cyclocross and our race riders doubled. We made new friends at the Beverley Lawn Tennis Club. We rode the Avon Valley with its fields, rolling hills and quiet ways.

Our volunteers stepped up and a big thank you to all of them. They are the heroic behind the Beverley Heroic.

Keep on riding, exploring and doing good deeds.


Facebook albums and photo links:

Road Race

Retro Bike Show


Beverley Heroic Town Ride 

50 and 100 mile rides

Photos from all riders welcome, please submit to jedi at



Road Race results- 120 years of Road racing, 2017 edition here

Cyclocross Novice- CX Curious results

Cyclocross - CX Heroic results here

Hero points - read about the bicycles that carried these Heroic over rough miles. Database link here


"Spirit not speed" Awards:

Retro Bike Show Peoples choice award:

1. T Cooper: Green Cinelli, matching pump, magic

2.  N Slatter: Green Pete Matthews 10 speed

3. equal 3rd:   T Cooper: Lanca, B Slatter: Dark Grey Holdsworth, B Raczkowski: Otis Guy Blue Mountain Bike


The Cycle Color Most Heroic Bike


R Frith: 1947 5 Star fixed wheel. Green and pin stripe original patina from Malvern Star


I Barker: 1957 Raleigh Lenton purchased last year from original owner. All original except consumables. Still has original 4 speed close ratio gearing too


B Slatter: 1978 Freddie Grubb/Holdsworth Reynolds 531, Campagnolo derailleurs, Stronglight Crankset, Pro Compe 5 speed cluster, Mavic rims, Weinmann 555 brakes, Ale toeclips

Heroic Rider awards


The Most Heroic Rider- Escapderos

Orange and white matching riders - cap and jerseys. Bazinga!


The Most Heroic Hair- G Murray

A permanent feature on Greg’s visage and a cheeky reminder at every checkpoint sign in.


The Most Heroic Act- C Smith

Never rode more than 10 miles before, snuck into the event and rode 80 mile. Then offered to pay – plucky Australian cheek gets the gong !

The Heroine- K Hagan.

The Beverley Trilogy- rode to Beverley Friday, Road race Saturday, 100 miler Sunday . A shining light of inspiration to us all. Read her story below.

I heard the expression “If you can’t go fast, go far!” which sparked a love of “going far”.

After following the dots of the Indy Pac Race crossing Australia in March 2017, and entering a duo in the Delerium 24 Hour in April 2017 and riding 305km for my “half”, I started to think about the “going far” theory for cycling. Life conspires to bring you what you need, and I became aware of a bike packing event through the Snowy Mountains called the Hunt 1000. Training for a 1000km event which has 18,000m of gain is all consuming.

The Heroic weekend provided the best chance to ultimately test my training (albeit a lot flatter than the Snowys) and fitted into my training program perfectly. The goal: to ride 100km + each day for three days was as close as I was going to get to replicating the 8-10 day anticipated completion time for the Hunt.

Dubbing my weekend The Beverley Trilogy, I left Darlington on Friday morning and rode over 65km of gravel and dirt, before completing 106km and arrived in Beverly late afternoon. I was pretty tired, and wobbly on my feet as I set up camp for the night. After two hours sleep overnight (just to add to the fatigue training, apparently) I rode the Beverley Element 114km road race. Having never ridden a road race, and riding it on my gravel bike, I was last across the line. I know at times I got up to over 35kph on the flats, so the athletes that undertake this racing by choice are truly gifted. I’d be happy to never do one again!

Exhausted, that night I was really questioning my capacity to ride the Heroic on the Sunday, and wondered if I really had the mental fortitude to finish this training goal, let alone make the start line of the Hunt. I’d been grumpy for a couple of weeks just because of exhaustion, and the only way I was going to get through another 160km on the Sunday was one pedal stroke after another.

With the company of my amazing friend, Susan Thomas, “we” managed to get me across the finish line. I doubt I’d finished the Heroic had it not been for such a strong friend willing me on! Even though we were last again (as the remainder of the field SAGged it in) I was so happy crossing the line, smiling and laughing. Everything I’d done leading up to the Beverley Trilogy, and I’d managed to pull it off! I was slow, but I was done, and I’d ridden 380km over three days.

To be awarded The Heroine of The Heroic for heroic deeds was the perfect end to the weekend! I have to say I felt pretty heroic, and came away with just a little more faith in myself and ready to start the Hunt 1000!