Spring Classic- rain and all!

You are the 2018 Heroic !


Man did it bucket down. Every rider, camper and volunteer got some water in their eyes this weekend. But it made every ray of sunshine brighter.


It was a true Spring Classic .

This year we grew again with camping and a Night ride. Saturday the town was alive with riders and that carried on all weekend. The Avon Valley is tourism hotpot and for bike riding it is magic.

The Heroic behind the Heroic- the volunteers deserve a big round of applause. They provided safety for all riders and let  you push your selves. Kudos to South Perth Cycle Club for bringing together a smiling team.

Please go and tell people,about Beverley, brag how cool your weekend was.

A parting gift from the Back Alley Pedallers- Brothers on bikes: 

"As i ride through the valley in shadow of Beverley, I shall fear no Headwind"

And i hope to see you again on October 12 and 13 October, 2019

Toby Hodgson

Event Director


Facebook albums and photo links:

Road Race

Retro Bike Show


Beverley Heroic Town Ride 

50 and 100 mile rides

Photos from all riders welcome, please submit to jedi at

All photos available for digital download from Daniela Tommasi Photography

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Road Race results- 121 years of Road racing, 2018 edition here

Cyclocross Novice- CX Curious results

Cyclocross - CX Heroic results here

Hero points - read about the bicycles that carried these Heroic over rough miles. Database link here


"Spirit not speed" Awards:

Retro Bike Show Peoples choice award:

1. Clive Andrews: Holdsworth resplendent in Team colour and first class restoration

2.  Frank West: Ascot and story of this Beverley winner with the Swansea frame won by the rider. 

3. equal 3rd:   C Andrews Green Legano, Vic Cull';s Dawes Galaxy tourer and Frank Wests Swansea frame ( mentioned above)


The Most Heroic Bike

pre 1930

C Clements: 1925 single speed Ascot on the 50 Miler


J Clements: Estimated early 30's AG Healing track bike, bought over from NSW.  Is a friends dads bike who is now 82 and it was his fathers bike originally.


B. Cleaver: Ascot - chrome track frame, cyclo 3 speed, gb stem, nervex lugs, Williams cranks etc  


T. Andrews: Original 1974 Holdsworth team bike. Purchased new from Putney England Dec 1974. Raced it, sold it, recovered it circa 2010. Restored. Campag running gear. Used L'Eroica Tuscany in 2016.

Heroic Rider awards


The Most Heroic Rider- Matt Sheriff

Wearing Peugeot bike to match his Peugeot Jersey this guy was 1970's team rider perfection.


The Most Heroic Hair- Byron Cleaver

Making the mutton chops meet  Byrons fur was like a bear on his face.


The Most Heroic Act- A Williams

nominated by his wife who said he put up with her nagging for 60km and complaints and dummy spit - he was true gentleman and a Hero in her eyes.

The Heroine- L Beeck

Excited at getting 007 rider number this Bond girl was shaken not stirred  when she discovered that her brakes were stuck on and everyone had pushed her up that Ashworh  Hill.