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Sunday 18th October 2020,

100 milers: 6.30am

55 milers: 9am

Ride the Beverley Heroic-“the Avon Valley Century Ride for all bikes and new heroes”

Beverley Heroic Classic 100 miles 

  • Beverley- York- Northam- Beverley

  • 16 miles dirt roads

Beverley Heroic Classic 55 miles –

  • Beverley- York  – Beverley

  • only 9 miles dirt roads


See where the wheatbelt and great races began. Enjoy quiet roads, riverside riding, checkpoints in historic towns- its beautiful Western Australia.

  • Ride groups of up to 30 riders on gravel and country roads. Choose your group:

    • Heroic bikes- think steel frame, downtube shifters and muddy faces.

    • Single and 3 speed bikes- new or Heroic, 

    • Fast or Slow group any bike,

  • 100 mile “The Heroic” with gravel and a bit of climbing.

  • 55 mile “Brevet Populaire” less gravel and less climbing.

  • The new spring classic granfondo challenge.

 Ride your Heroic bike or your single speed or your carbon stallion.


It’s a Gran Fondo- Brevet Populaire- Sportif- Century Ride- Imperial Century-Heroic ride- a great challenge- Historic ride- OctoberFondo- Half Century- a day in the saddle - celebrating Old bikes and New Heroes.


Starts are in groups of 20-30 riders.. Start groups:

  • Fast

  • Slow

  • Single Speed, 3 speed

  • Heroic


Event entry

  • Cost $78 Cycling Australia members, late fee $90 after Friday 4 October

  • Cost $88 Non Cycling Australia Members, late fee $100 after Friday 4 October

  • Register online at "ENTER NOW" above

  • Choose your start group, tell us about your bike, dob in a volunteer            

  • keep your email entry confirmation and present on the day.


Registrations close
Midnight Friday 9th October 2020 
or when we have 200 entrants.  


On the day

  • 6.00 am Registration 100 miles "The Heroic"


    • get a Brevet Card with map in the Beverley Town Hall

  • 6.30 am onwards- Start 100 miles "The Heroic"

    • Follow the Brevet Card Map

    • Stop at checkpoints and get stamped, ticked, or clipped

    • See where the wheatbelt began and racing Heroes rode the rough tracks.

  • 7.30 am "The Heroic" Breakfast-York Olive OIl Co.

  • 8.30 am Registration "Heroic Classic 55 miles"

  • 9.00 am onwards- Start "Heroic Classic 55 miles"

  • 1.30 pm Riders return - Afternoon Tea

  • 3.30 pm Presentation

  • 4.30 pm Riders return - Afternoon Tea closes



THIS IS AN UNSUPPORTED RIDE ON A SIGN POSTED ROUTE WITH ONLY A SWEEP BUS. You are responsible for your own safety, equipment, speed & course on the variety of terrain on your ride

  • Follow the road rules

  • ride with courtesy & care.

  • Maximum 2 abreast- single file on bridges and other tight spots

  • 1 brake on a fixie.

  • Helmets are law.

  • in case of emergency call 000 ambulance, police, fire.

  • if you have an accident call 0404 235 623 & speak to Event Director


Choose your ride- the Spring Classic for all bikes


Heroic. Old bikes and new heroes


What is a Heroic bike?


A bike with at least three of the following :

  • Steel frame, or Alloy tubed and lugged such as ‘Vitus’

  • A frame made in 1987 or earlier

  • Old style clip pedals and straps

  • Single speed, fixed gear or multi geared

  • Downtube shift levers

  • No carbon or suspension


Hero points:

To celebrate the more Heroic riders challenging themselves on the bikes of old, we want to know a bit about your bike. And we will make a table of the Hero points and shout from the roof tops your Heroic ride.


Single Speed to 3 Speed.



You might train on it all winter, but have you ever rode it half century? Ever rode it with your mates in a larger group?


Single speed was the first racing bike, the first bikes to conquer the wheat belt, the goldfields and race from Beverely.


Ride in a group with other fixies, single speeds and 3 speeds.

Fast or Slow. Any bike


Carbon stallion, Cyclocross, Gravel grinder, quiet commuter or Strava QOM, any bike is welcome in our fast or slow groups- choose your group when you register.

( Fast 30km/hr or more average on your normal ride, Slow less than 30km/hr)

E- Bikes welcome!


We will let riders go in groups of 25 to 30, but expect all riders to:


  • abide by all road rules

  • ride no more than 2 abreast, even single file when needed

  • abide by all road signs

  • be responsible looking out for everyone you ride with.

  • enjoy the variety of terrain and challenges of the ride.


  • No time trial bars.