Your Spring Classic Challenge.


In Australia there was a bicycle race that ran from 1897 to 1999. It was hard racing in the days of gravel tracks, and thought to be the toughest race in Australia. It started in Beverley. We celebrate that race with a bike weekend. Be Heroic and come ride with us.


Slow down and step back in time. Historical towns, historical bikes and some beautiful country side. We celebrate the history. We love those old bikes. We look forward to the new heroes making the event another historic ride.


All bikes welcome- e- bikes, bmx, steel, road racer, mountain bike, Cyclocross- something for everyone!


See where the wheatbelt and great races began. Enjoy quiet roads, riverside riding, checkpoints in historic towns- its beautiful Western Australia.​


Join the Beverley Heroic.

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Start + finish

Beverley Town Hall                 

138 Vincent Street, Beverley

Western Australia

                                               see maps



10th October 2020


10.00 am Race registration in Town Hall

11.00 am The Beverley" Road Race starts *

2.00 pm Beverley Race- Historic Display - Free

2.00 pm - 4.30 pm Retro Bike Show

2.00 pm Campsite opens

3.00 pm Beverley Race presentation- Town Hall

3.00 pm Cyclocross - CX at the Tennis Club

3.50 pm Kids CX- Under 13 Race

4.20 pm CX Curious - any bike, any body

5.10 pm CX Heroic - cyclocross bike only

6.00 pm CX Race presentation at the Tennis Club

7.30 pm Town Ride - Night Ride



11th October 2020


5.00 am Campsite breakfast at Tennis Club

6.00 am Registration 100 miles "The Heroic" *

6.30 am Start 100 miles "The Heroic"- 

7.30 am "The Heroic" Breakfast-York Olive OIl Co. 

8.30 am Registration 50 miles "Brevet Populaire"

9.00 am Start 50 miles "Brevet Populaire" *

1.30 pm Beverley Heroic Riders return - Afternoon Tea

2.30 pm Presentation & Retro Bike Show winner

 *Online registration is required pre event.

Town activities and things to do

For Town Walk, Accommodation and more, please see Beverley tab above

  • Heroic Race "The Beverley"
    • Handicap Road Race 114km
  • Heroic Cross Saturday arvo.
    • Heroic Kids Cross-Free Kids races​- any bike !
    • CX Curious for Adults - any bike
    • CX and CX Southern Hemisphere Single Speed Champs
  • Heroic Classic -55 or 100 miler
    • Heroic Classic 100 miler with 31 miles gravel dirt roads
    • Heroic Classic 55 miler has only 9 miles dirt roads
  • Free Events​
    • Heroic Bike Show- Town Hall Saturday arvo- Open to all​
    • Heroic Night Ride
    • Spectators - Races or rides
  • Beverley Exploring
    • Beverley Town Walk
    • Camping in Beverley
The Rover Road Race of 1897 was the brainchild of Percy Armstrong, noted rider and entrepreneurial owner of the Rover Cycling Agency. The gruelling event of 116 miles over rough turn of the century roads proved popular and was later re-named The Beverley to Perth Race - or simply the “Beverley”.

— Rob Frith, WA Historic Cycle Club


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