Saturday 17th October 2020, 3pm


  • Saturday afternoon and evening
  • including Free Kids races.



0900 Course set up - the best part of the day - gentlemen's hours

1450 Registration please give yourself at least 60mins to register your kids and any walk up starts

1550 Kids two waves (U13, U9) any bike - must wear helmet (please write names on number plate)

1620 CX-Curious (30mins max)

1710 CX Heroic CX Bike with 33-35mm tyres only (40 mins max) *

Course pull down - all help appreciated

1820 Kids (U13, U9), Mens, Womens Presentations - All grades, so hang around and heckle some more

Relax, reflect and enjoy and help finish pack-up/clean-up

*Subject to change depending on entry numbers.


Register online click here in September 2020

If you can enter beforehand that is much appreciated - city folk and WACX racers this means you

If entering on the day please start the process 60mins beforehand, handling cash and filling out day licenses takes time....
(eg Kids from 1450-1540, CX Curious 1520-1600, CX Heroic 1610-1650.)

Then once you are signed in you can practice the course - there will be no practice once racing starts.

Fingers crossed U13 (those that wish to) will do the whole course, U9 half course

Riding the Forrest Street and George Street circuit the tape will be up and the Cyclocross under lights.Ring your cowbell and have a beer as the day ends and the laughs begin.

Perth Mountain Bike Club and organisers of the Claremonmt SuperCross wil be building a fun course and handing out the prizes.

Draft Time table:

15:00 Gates open- Registration open

1550-1610 U13 race - 20mins $10 including a day license (free on the day if they have a MTBA )

1620-1700 CX Curious - any bike with working brakes 25-30mins
$20 pre reg, $40 on the day including day license $30

1710-1750 CX Heroic - cyclocross bike only 35-40mins
$20 pre reg, $40 on the day including day license $30
i believe the tennis club will be opening the bar and sausages might be sizzled

bring your cowbells, the fancicier the dress the better...

* course may not resemble photo

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