Frequently asked questions for the Heroic Rides.


Go on just ask.

Is my bike Heroic?


The event offers a group for any bike. You dont to have a Heroic to do the Century. See "choose your ride" and have a look where you want to ride.


We want any bike to participate. Heroic is different but a bike is all you need.



How fast is Fast?


Choose your group Fast or Slow with this rough guide:

Fast- your average ride is more than 30km/hr

Slow- you like the scenery less than 30km/hr.



Rain, Hail, shine?


Yes, the ride goes on.


You must carry everything you think is neccesary- like the olden days!


You are responsible for your own safety, equipment, speed & course on the variety of terrain on your ride.



whats the program?


have a look at our home page.

whats on in Beverley?

Check out our whats on and all that Beverley has to offer here

Take the Town Walk on our mobile friendly website or play some pool in the pub.

Gravel ?


Yes. Beautiful scenery awaits away from the main road. Its like the olden days.


The gravel is over a limestone base . It varies depending on rainfall, and time of year..


Our test pilots advice was:

"I just rode 21mm training tyres but I'd change to 25mm if i could."


"Pick your line, turn slowly, keep your weight back, keep pedalling"


"Try- higher side on a curve, far edges for packed sand, the rut of a car tyre, a washaway in the rain, watch for other riders tracks." 


 Maps link



Where to stay ?


Beverley has great accommodation and the Freemason Hotel said if they have a full house they will put on a band for us.              

                             Beverley Accommodation





Yes, free light breakfast for all 100 milers at York Olive OIl Company.


On the road snacks free from registration.


Lunch? Afternoon Tea ?


Yes, Riders return Afternoon Tea at 1.30pm. Show your Brevet card in the Town Hall then chow time.


Beverley is Open with cafes,pubs and friendly people happy to feed you.


Or you might take lunch on route.

how do i ride in a group ?


We promote safe group riding and best to read up on the South Perth Roleurs group ride etiquette.                more



whats my prize ?


No prizes for first, second or third across the line. This is a ride and the challenge is the reward. But we are planning on prizes for people and bikes showing "Heroic spirit not speed" .                           see our prize page


Can i change my bike?


Yes, nominate the bike you think your going to bring. Check its ready and tell us if you change it. (Dont want any embarassed smiles as you win the Most Heroic Bike prize and its actually at home.)


Can i change my distance?


Yes, just tell the checkpoint or the follow car or follow bus. You have to tell someone that is looking out for you!


Can i get a refund?


Yes, email us before midnight on the Friday,1 week before the weekend.

No refunds after that date.


Can i help?


Yes, email us and we would love your help.



but wait i have more FAQ !

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