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Free events for all the family


Saturday 12th October 2019- from 12 noon at the Beverley Town Hall


11.00 am The Beverley Race starts

Modern bikes will be gathering for the new Beverley Race. See Carbon fibre stallions and local racing teams fighting for honours. Racing West along WatherHatch Rd and Talbot West Rd then returning this 110km will be fast. Finish will be 1.30 to 2.30 as the riders sprint for cash prizes. Walk over Hunt Street to tthe Finish line.                                    Spectator location maps click here.

2.00 pm The Beverley Race- Historic Display

Celebrating the local cycling histroy this display shows the popularity of the humble bicycle. With strong loval racing against other towns like York and Northam. The Beverley Race from 1897 pitted Metropolitan riders against local, was hard fought in the days of gravel tracks and single gears.


2.00 pm Retro Bike Show

See the sparkle and shine of bikes pre 1987. With single gears giving way to fancy 3 gears then the 10 speed bike, you can see the evolution of a simple idea. Take that with some passionate owners and you have a " Show and Shine" exhibition. Vote for your favourite.

3.00 pm Cyclocross for kids

Any bike welcome tackle the rough course and race your mates. Come to the Beverley recreation hub on Forrest Street. Sign up before 4pm

3.00pm to 6.00 pm Beverley Cyclocross

Join the best party on town as the bike racers rock and roll with racing from 4pm and presentations about 8pm. Bars open till 10pm


2.00 pm - 4.30 pm Retro Bike Show entries welcome

Free. Enter your bike for Prizes! Bring along your Pre 1987 passion and go in the running for some cash back prizes. Presentation Sunday 2.30pm

Sunday 14th October 2019- from 6.30 am at the Beverley Town Hall


6.30 am Beverley Heroic 100 mile riders leave

Watch Classic bikes roll out of town. These Heroic riders will be attempting a long ride with many challenges and pedal strokes before they return about 2pm Spectator location maps click here.

The Beverley Race- Historic Display​

9.00am Brevet Populaire 55 mile riders leave

Taking a shorter ride but still a challenge , the 50 milers will be on older bikes, some with only 1 gear ! Cheer them on as they tackle the glorious countryside of the Avon Valley

Spectator location maps click here.


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