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The 2020 Heroic- Sun, bikes and Explorers.

Did you get some of this weekend sun? In Beverley the weather was perfect.

It was a fantastic weekend and I thank everyone who attended.

Thank you to every volunteer, helper and kind person that make the Beverly Heroic such a friendly event.

And thank you for every email that offered support, money and a letter to the prime minister about the Sunday rides.

Clear skies with a strong headwind greeted the 160 Team Time Trial riders. And it swept them home with a dramatic 9 second win to Team Unicorn Racing and pro rider Michael Freiberg. A perfect hit out it for those Tour of Margaret River teams.

With Numbat Cup points up for grabs the CX was massive. Lot of juniors on the course, CX curious, master’s, single speeds and elites lapped up the course. The BMX style ramps in the back section were a hit.

Across the weekend we had 300 riders in 3 Events.

Our Retro Bike show swelled with bike history on show from the wooden bicycle to the penny farthing and lots of local builders- Flash, MHJones and Swansea. The Beverley B and B People Choice award went to the Blue 1980’s Racing Chesini with delicate paint job and lots of bling.

The sad news just over a week before about the Sunday rides being cancelled did not dampen the spirit. Sunday was a surprise with 150 riders passing the town hall heading out towards York and Northam. Some went gravel, some went to the York Olive Oil company for ice cream. Such is the love for the event and riding in the Avon valley.

I have to mention the many heroic acts across the weekend. Things that you might have missed.

  • Bill and his crew riding from Perth, camping gear and all.

  • A Kangaroo crash in the club van for the Race Coordinator.

  • Muscles and his men carrying the generator to drill in every CX pole.

  • York Olive Oil Company giving croissant and coffee to many riders.

  • TTT teams who missed the first turn, oops.

  • Slow speed crashes by children on the new pump track.

  • Gravel riders tackling GRAVEL sectors and KOM on Strava.

A big congratulations to every winner, rider and spectator- You are Heroic!

Please complete our 2020 survey and help build the 2021 Beverley Heroic.
Check out all the action with these links
Photos by Daniela Tommasi
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Cyclocross- Numbat cup- results
Beverley Heroic Kids CX Race
Beverley Heroic Curious, C grade & Masters C CX Race
Beverley Heroic B grade & Masters B CX Race
Beverley Heroic Elite and Single Speed Championship CX Race
2020 has been a strange one. we are lucky to have the chance to ride and explore.
Thank you for being Heroic

Toby Hodgson. 2020 Beverley Heroic, Event Director


Your Spring Classic Challenge.


In Australia there was a bicycle race that ran from 1897 to 1999. It was hard racing in the days of gravel tracks, and thought to be the toughest race in Australia. It started in Beverley. We celebrate that race with a bike weekend. Be Heroic and come ride with us.


Slow down and step back in time. Historical towns, historical bikes and some beautiful country side. We celebrate the history. We love those old bikes. We look forward to the new heroes making the event another historic ride.


All bikes welcome- e- bikes, Gravel, steel, road racer, mountain bike, Cyclocross- something for everyone!


See where the wheatbelt and great races began. Enjoy quiet roads, riverside riding, checkpoints in historic towns- its beautiful Western Australia.​


Join the Beverley Heroic Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th October 2021

The Beverley Heroic cycling race & bicycle event.

The Rover Road Race of 1897 was the brainchild of Percy Armstrong, noted rider and entrepreneurial owner of the Rover Cycling Agency. The gruelling event of 116 miles over rough turn of the century roads proved popular and was later re-named The Beverley to Perth Race - or simply the “Beverley”.

— Rob Frith, WA Historic Cycle Club