"Prizes? but this is not a race!" I can hear you saying, but we are awarding prizes for " Spirit over Speed".

The day is a personal challenge and a challenge amongst your friends, so it only seems fitting to reward good acts.


Prize giving is in the Town hall at 2.30pm Sunday or Posted out due to Covid 19 restrictions.


Retro Bike Show Saturday afternoon in the Town Hall if you want to win some cash for your work of art.


Here is our prize categories:


The Most Heroic Bike
The Most Heroic Act

Hero points:

To celebrate the more Heroic riders challenging themselves on the bikes of old, we want to know a bit about your bike. And we will make a table of the Hero points and shout from the roof tops your Heroic ride.


Age category prizes: Pre 1930, 1931-1949. 1950-1969, 1970-1987

Bike age: 1987 = 10 points, 1986 = 11 points, 1985 = 12 points…..1897 = 100points (the Beverley Perth race first ran in 1897!)


Original: Frame only = 1 point, Frame and wheels = 2 point, everything original except perishables( tyres, seat, hand grips) = 3 points, Original everything= 5 points


Rear cog : Single = 5 points, 3-4 speed = 3 points, 6 to 7 speed = 2 points, 8 or above = 0 points


Frame: Steel or Vitus pre 1987 is 5 points, other = 0 points


Pedals: Toe clips and Straps= 5 points, other = 0 points (Toe clips were in popular use from the 20’s)


Shifters: Rod changer (front or rear) = 5 points, Internal Gear Hubs like Sturmey Archer/ Bendix/ BSA 2 to 5 speed = 3 points Downtube shifters= 2 points

Random points: cotter pins cranks= 3 points, team colours= 5 points


The Most Heroic Rider

Your threads, your suit, your getup, your gear.

You can tell a person by what they wear and you might be 1950's at heart, or even 1980's.

If we like what we see then you are a winner.


We know that their will be many acts of enthusiastic valour on the day. We know that their will be times when it seemed like the obstacles were too much. We know that their will be one campfire story that will be told from her on till eternity.

We know that story deserves to be shared, and applauded.

The Heroine

Every story needs a Heroine.

Here is a picture of Alfonsina Strada she was dubbed the ‘Devil in a Dress’ by the Italian Newspapers, she is the only woman to have ridden one of the three major stage races; starting in the Giro d’Italia in 1924


Heroine: noun:"a woman admired for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities."

Most Heroic Hair

Hair has had some history and been their since cave man days. So if you have a "mo", "a Moustache", " Handlebars", "mutton chops" or even a "Ned Kelly" then show it off.

Match it to your riding clothes or even the set of tyres slung over your shoulder.

Go on chaps - show what you can grow!