You are the '14 Heroic


I congratulate you all. The Riders, the volunteers, the Shire of Beverley and all its friendly people.


The spirit of adventure could not be dampened by rain. Or wind. Or gravel that became mud. The mood of all riders before, during and after was tough and reolute, cheerful and excited.


I feel honoured to know you all because it looked tough!


Thankyou for your kind words of support. It has been a fantastic journey for me.


Yes, there will be a 2015 Beverley Heroic and you are all invited.



Photos of the '14 Heroic


There are face book albums and we can upload your photos, just email me


See the photos - click here


'14 Heroic prizes


Elite Racing Cycles Most Heroic Bike:
3. Van Gools ' 53 Speedwell single speed
2. Marc Fellman 3 speed rod changer
1. Max Brinkworth '39 Malvern Star

CycleColor Most Heroic Rider 50 Miles
Mathew Runkel wearing tube tubes and vintage blue jersey.

CycleColor Most Heroic Rider 100 Miles
Mark Feldman resplendent in his hot black and pink Giro d'italia kit.

The Heroine- Susan Challen for her courage and oustanding achievement and noble qualities.

The most Heroic Act- Jamie King helping second last rider to finish and puncturing 6 km from town.

Most Heroic Hair- The award went begging as the standard was not Heroic enough- so get growing and sculpting men and women.

York Olive oil Icecream Vouchers- random draw prizes
Jack Chang, Declan Von Dietze, and 1 person who i forgot to write down ( dont worry he has his voucher !)
If you were not present, we will be in touch.

Congratulations to everyone who participated, you will now be known as the '14 Heroic


'14 Heroic - Hero Points


For a summary of the points system click here