An annual recreational bike weekend for families, encouraging preservation of heritage, fostering friendship and leaving a sense of achievement.

How we are going to deliver this vision:
  • Maintain the successful Beverley Heroic heritage event format of 2014-2018

  • Deepen the history knowledge of the Beverley Cycle Race 1897 onwards

  • Further develop relationships with participation groups and tourism providers.

  • Promote to our aspirational audience of “families looking for a bike adventure weekend in the country”.

Our successful 2014-2018 vision.


A recreational bike event for all bikes and especially old style bikes that presents an annual challenge, encourages preservation of heritage, fosters friendship and leaves a sense of achievement.


The event has matched the vision:

  • The Heroic theme draws from the reputation of the 1897 Beverley to Perth race

  • Growth in participation numbers Heroic event (?%), Cyclocross (40% growth 2017 to 2018) , Sunday rides (10% growth per year every year), Road Race fluctuating number but consistent with metro racing scene, falling numbers for Town Ride ( 2014, 70 to 2018, 16).

  • All bikes are represented with an event except mountain bikes, but all are promoted as able to participate.

  • The challenge and rewards promote participation and achievement, regardless of skill level.

  • Friendships are promoted through personalised entrant gifts, and through sponsor South Perth Cycle Club’s ethos and modus operandi.

  • The event is iconic, with a league of followers and first timers. It has a 50% churn for Road Race and Sunday Rides.



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